Weight gain is not your fault. It is the result of our bodies implementing their evolutionary design to conserve body mass in case there is ever a period of starvation. Obviously food is more plentiful than ever, and the varieties and flavors of food continue to increase as well,  so periods of starvation rarely occur.  Unfortunately evolution has not caught up to the rapid changes in our society and the abundant availability of food. This has resulted in excessive caloric intake driven by hormonal and neurological pathways in our brain that are due to any moral failing or gluttony, but rather by evolutionary design.  The key to successful weight loss lays in crafting an individualized weight loss journey for each unique person.

Any diet will make you lose weight, but after several months, most 'diets' inevitably fail due to inherent metabolic pathways in our bodies that prevent us from departing from a preset weight by lowering our resting metabolic rate.

The goal at NOVA Health Recovery is to design a well-crafted lifestyle plan that prevents the yo-yo weight loss from occurring. The only way to do this is to scientifically determine the metabolic operating parameters of your body by directly measuring your Resting Metabolic Rate with ourKORR RMR test, which measures your metabolic rate at rest over a 15 minute period, painlessly. Also, we utilize a specialty biometric scale that allows us to determine your fat free mass, visceral fat mass, and distribution of fat and muscle mass so that your weight loss can be monitored . Many poorly constructed diets destroy muscle mass and result in weight gain unexpectedly, hence the importance of monitoring these parameters.

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The most proven methodology for weight loss is supervised monitoring with meal replacement plans, Optifast being one of the more proven systems available. The My Optifast Journey combines an app on which you order your specific recommended meal replacement product and also combines access to Virtual Health Partners, which allows one-on-one interactions with a dietitian once a month, a behavioral health expert every month, and several live exercise classes each month.  The plan also allows you access to cataloged classes and nutrition videos for your lifestyle education. In the meantime, the Optifast product is delivered straight to your door for convenience.

As you would be on full or partial meal replacements for a period of time, you would actually save money potentially as you don't need to buy grocery store items. Likewise, the access to specialists,  such as registered dietitians, would be prohibitively expensive if done individually,  but with Virtual Health Partners on the My Optifast Platform, you will have access to them with a four, five, or six month subscription.

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The simple loss of 5- 10% of your original body weight should be the primary, realistic goal on the short term. This will decrease your health risk factors significantly, such as diabetes or high blood pressure.

Sometimes, a little kick start is needed to get things moving in the right direction. This is where medications come in to the picture. As there are several options for medication assisted treatments, we will have to explore the correct options for you.

Medication, such as Phentermine, Qsymia, Belviq, and others have proven effective for weight loss, and sometimes they can enhance one's motivation as the pounds come off.

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We offer DOT and health physicals at NOVA Health Recovery. Call to set up an appointment now.

Also, we offer health screening and risk mitigation strategies for lipid and inflammatory disorders that may impact your health. We will connect you to experts in wellness programs outside of our facility to customize your structured program, whether it include acupuncture, tai chi, yoga, personal trainers, or other modalities.

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